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Life Lafter Divorce

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Aug 8, 2017

We all fantasize about our wedding and what life will be like with someone. Some of us even know what kind of dress we will wear and what our kids will be named. At the other end of the spectrum we plan for our retirement and even our death. But do any of us actually plan for divorce? The chances of us getting divorced is high so why shouldn't we have a plan? Leanne and The Boyfriend talk about what they would do or at least, think they would do. Leanne thinks it's a process that happens slowly over time and The Boyfriend wonders if it's a quicker decision. What was your experience like, or what would you envision it to be like? What are some of the things you wish you would've known? We want to hear from you! What would the ideal divorce plan be? Email us at info@lifelafterdivorce or message us at Life Lafter Divorce on Facebook, @lafterdivorce on Twitter, or @lifelafterdivorce on Instagram.

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