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Life Lafter Divorce

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Jun 27, 2017

Moping around a little too long after your divorce? Feeling like your stuck in a rut? Shifting yourself from living life to living a life you love is easier than you think, which is precisely where Charly Emery, aka Ms Fix It comes in.

Author of How to Date When You’re Famous and Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass, Charly is a master at closing the gap between what you're experiencing and what you want to experience quickly. She accomplishes in a matter of 1-3 hours what traditional methods of coaching and therapy often fail to achieve in months and years. Even more, the way she recycles your experiences bounce any baggage to the curb leaving you clear and renewed.

From your personal and professional life, to enjoying harmony between the two, Charly's insight helps you gain the results and satisfaction you crave more easily, swiftly and thoroughly for happiness that keeps on expanding. Learn more about Charly Follow on Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: