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Life Lafter Divorce

Welcome to Life Lafter Divorce! Follow our weekly podcast and hear how others are surviving the impact of divorce on their lives.
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Feb 14, 2017

We learned communication is a two way street. It's not just about talking, but about listening. Jim Barnes, stand up comedian, host of Jim Barnes and Friends and The Sunday Night Mic at Flappers Comedy Club in Claremont, CA joins us to share his relationship experiences. You can find him on Facebook at Jim Barnes, Twitter @jimbarnescomedy, and Instagram at Jimbarnescomedy.

Alyssa Roth
over two years ago

Hi Leanne! Alyssa here from the salon. Great show! So proud of you! I live hearing about others' experience with divorce. Keep it coming ❤

Anonymous Listener
over two years ago

Hard to hear the pain caused by a broken relationship. Especially after 20 plus years. But reality is, it does happen. Great you can get a guest such as Jim Barnes who can share his pain & experience so candid and openly that you can feel it yourself. Perhaps the telling of Jim's story can help heal his wounds & maybe those who listen to him. Thanks for sharing.