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Life Lafter Divorce

Welcome to Life Lafter Divorce! Follow our weekly podcast and hear how others are surviving the impact of divorce on their lives.
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Dec 26, 2017

What a year it's been! We've learned so much from our listeners - from cheating and depression to thriving and entrepreneurship. Join us as we reflect on the episodes of 2017 with Mom-nonymous. Mom-nonymous is our 77 year-old blogger who's been married for 56 years. She shares her thoughts on some of her favorite...

Dec 19, 2017

Ever wonder if you're making the right decision? Or maybe wish you would've questioned it? This week's guest, Ross Belsky is exploring his options and taking the commitment of marriage seriously. After witnessing his friends messy divorce, he wonders if he'd ever survive.NOTE: Due to unexpected travels, Leanne & The...

Dec 12, 2017

Divorce is often complicated and hard to navigate - and so is this episode! It's almost like walking barefoot and blindfolded across a floor littered with mousetraps. Actor, Glenn Heath, caught himself in a few of those traps after ending his thirteen year marriage. Living alone for the first time he was forced to face...

Dec 5, 2017

Imagine your spouse springs a divorce on you and then completetly shuts both you and your daughter out. Devestating? Kim and BonnieKaren share how they suddenly found themselves without their husband/dad AND daughter/sister... they were completely blindsided by divorce as a whole family. Email Leanne & The Boyfriend at