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Life Lafter Divorce

Welcome to Life Lafter Divorce! Follow our weekly podcast and hear how others are surviving the impact of divorce on their lives.
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Mar 28, 2017

How in the world did we end up in a horrible relationship? Better yet, how do we get out? Determination and a great support system can be critical in overcoming adversity. This former Marine is back on her feet...AND standing up! Be sure to check her out and on Twitter at...

Mar 21, 2017

How have the relationships around you impacted your views on marriage and divorce? NY based comedian and host of The Slant podcast, Sal Coladonato, shares what he’s learned from others and how his relationship has evolved as a result. Be sure to check him out:,, and

Mar 14, 2017

Have you considered marital counseling/therapy before, during, or after your divorce? Erica Curtis, board certified art therapist & licensed marriage & family therapist shares the many options available to you. Be sure to check out her website:

Mar 7, 2017

What changes do we make in our lifestyle when we divorce? Aspiring writer and comic, John Lenore, weighs the pros and cons of being married/single and the benefits and pitfalls of post divorce dating. You can friend him on Facebook